Friday, October 30, 2009

Banner Ads on Flies

German publisher Eichborn attached small banner ads to flies and released them in the Frankfurt Book Fair. While I admire their creativity I'm disgusted by the cruilty to the animals.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creative headless halloween costume

Nicole Magne on Etsy has created a very creative halloween costume entitled "Headless Marie Antoinette".

Headless Marie Antoinette

More pictures and instructions on how to create it

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

3D sculptures made from photographs

Korean sculptor Gwon Osang, has created these cool but sort of bizarre 3D sculptures from hundereds of photographs.

3D Sculpture by Gwon Osang
3D Sculpture by Gwon Osang
3D Sculpture by Gwon Osang
3D Sculpture by Gwon Osang
3D Sculpture by Gwon Osang

View more pictures of the sculptures

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Melting China

Artist Livia Marin has a set of works called "Broken Things" featuring for example this type of "melting" china you can see below.

Melting China

Melting China

Melting China

House of Propellers exhibiting "Broken Things" Oct 9 - Nov 7 2009

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A house on a tiny island

An amazing house built on a rock in Narragansett Bay. Built in 1905 by J. S. Lovering Wharton. Bought in 1961 by the current owner Mr. Wood for $3,600.

He (Mr. Wood) and a crew of family and friends who share his passion for the place’s "deep bohemian funk," as Nicholas Benson, a stone carver from Newport, put it, have dedicated their time and skills (plumbing and wiring experience are always particularly welcome) to keeping the place from slipping into the water forever.

Read the NYTimes-article
View more pictures of the house

Wooden mirrors by Daniel Rozin

Artist Daniel Rozin has created two amazing wooden mirrors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coral Gardening

Biologists in Fiji are gardening corals.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

A mouse playing Quake

To study neurological activity i moving animals, scientist are using the open source Quake II engine.

Tank’s team designed an apparatus in which a mouse, its head firmly held in a metal helmet, walks on the surface of a styrofoam ball. The ball is kept aloft by a jet of air, so that it functions like a multidirectional treadmill. Around it are sensors taken from optical computer mice, which read the ball’s movement as the mouse runs.

Read the article

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2000 Invisible Dogs

New Improve Everywhere "episode". This time they invade Brooklyn with invisible dogs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Machinarium - Behind the scenes

Machinarium is a new upcoming game from Amanita Design, the creators of the legendary point-n-click-game Samorost.

BoingBoing has a great blogpost filled with high-res sketches from the creative process behind the game.

Machinarium sketch

Machinarium sketch


Machinarium will be released on Friday.

BoingBoing: Everything but the game

The official website for the game

3d projections on buildings

I wish this is real but I'm not fully convinced. Company NuFormer makes 3d projections tailored for different buildings. The result is very impressive:

Skilled Trampoline Jumpers

Cookie Cup - The ultimate cup design?

Cookie Cup

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scott Radke's Creepy Sculptures

Talented artist Scott Radke makes creepy and bizarre sculptures from clay and human hair.

Scott Radke

Scott Radke

Scott Radke

Scott Radke

Scott Radke

Scott Radke

Unfortunately, I'm not the only one to adore those creepy characters. Most of those sculptures are already sold but the piece below (Dancer #2) is still available:

Dancer #2

View more of Scott Radkes work

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Ever dream This Man?

This Man

In that case you're not alone. It turns out that hundreds of people dream of this man every night. This was found out by a psychiatrist in 2006.

In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. [...] That portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist's desk for a few days until one day another patient recognizes that face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. [...] The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. [...] From January 2006 until today, at least 2000 people have claimed they have seen this man in their dreams, in many cities all over the world.

Visit the THIS MAN homepage

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Uncomfortable Chairs

WebUrbanist has a great blogpost about chairs designed to be unformfortable.

Cactus Chair

Cactus Sofa

View all chairs

Mystery Google

If you press the "I'm feeling lucky"-button on it will take you to the best result of your query. Mystery Google will instead take you to the best result for whatever the person that searched before you searched for.

Mystery Google

Try Mystery Google

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Vertical Farm

The vertical farm is a possible solution to a big problem:

By the year 2050, nearly 80% of the earth's population will reside in urban centers. Applying the most conservative estimates to current demographic trends, the human population will increase by about 3 billion people during the interim. An estimated 109 hectares of new land (about 20% more land than is represented by the country of Brazil) will be needed to grow enough food to feed them, if traditional farming practices continue as they are practiced today. At present, throughout the world, over 80% of the land that is suitable for raising crops is in use (sources: FAO and NASA). Historically, some 15% of that has been laid waste by poor management practices. What can be done to avoid this impending disaster?

The projects homepage features lots of info and design proposals for the vertical farm like this one below by Blake Kurasek:

Vertical Farm Design

Vertical Farm Design

Visit the Project

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Self Portrait in Blood

Provocative artist Marc Quinn has sculptured a self portrait from 4.5 liters of his own blood.

Marc Quinn in his own blood

More info

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Steampunk Toilet

Patrick Brawley has built his own steampunk toilet. I'm not sure that mixing electricity with fluids and genitalia is a very good idea, but it sure looks cool.

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Cute spacecraft models has a set of pictures on cute spacecraft models that NASA has been using before they built the real stuff.

Artists and engineers share this bond: the fruit of their labor is often first embodied in rough, rudimentary form. Namely, a model.

Spacecraft model

View all models

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stop Motion meets Flip Book

Just making a stop motion video doesn't feel very creative since they are everywhere these days. This one though, has a twist.

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Clever Logo Design

I love clever design. has compiled a list of smart logo designs. Like the one below for Eight, by Stylo Design, where the word is spelled with parts of the figure.


View more clever logo designs

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What can you do with a dumpster?

"In how many different ways can you use a dumpster?" designer Oliver Bishop-Young asks in his project "Skip Conversion". As a pool (picture below), table tennis table, skateboard ramp etc.

Dumpster Pool

See what else you can do with a dumpster

Living inside a computer

Someone has filled a computer case with dollhouse furniture.

Living in a Computer

Watch all the pictures

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dead Flies Comics

Someone has created small comics with dead flies. Somewhat morbid, but inventive.

Dead Flies

View the comics

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Painted Meat

Victoria Reinolds is making paintings of meat. The one below is an oil painting called Rashes.

See more painted meat

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Canabalt - innovative platform game

Canabalt is a cool action game for iPhone that combines simple pixel elements with vector graphics. The game only has one button that makes the character jump and the objective of the game is to get as far as possible. The speed makes the game look really great even though it's very simple.

You can buy Canabalt for your iPhone/iPod touch in AppStore but you can also play it for free in your browser:

Play the game now!

Before I die I want to...

Before I die I want to... has gathered hundereds of polaroids with portraits of people and a line of text describing what they would like to do before they die. Some are serious, some, not so much.

Visit the site!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

David vs Goliat

A kingbird riding on, and harassing, a red tail hawk.

Kingbirg vs. Hawk

Go to denverpost for the full story.

Giant Marionettes in Berlin

"The Berlin Reunion" in Germany featured two giant marionettes.


Watch 35 high-res photos of the giants here.

Here is a video of the marionettes:

Windosill - Arty Point 'n Click Game

Windosill is a very arty game where your mission is to open doors and make a cute toy train move from room to room. Unfortunately, only the first halv of this game is free, if you wan't all levels you'll have to pay $3.


Play the game!

The Real Timon and Pumba

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Do you love me?

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The Speaking Piano

Peter Ablinger let a kid read a speech from the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009. Then he digitalized the sound and made a robot that can play it on a mechanical piano.

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